Thursday, April 19, 2007

Disappointed in Google's new Web History

When I saw Google's new Web History today, I thought: Cool! I'm in need of one since it can lessen my time spent bookmarking! But the first thing I looked for (and expected) is a url filtering option. But nope, it's no where to be found. The only "feature" I see is a manual remove of individual links. The whole idea for the users is that it should enhance our web browsing experience. How counter-productive it is to have to manually remove all private links after each visit (or remember to turn it off before accessing private links).

I am usually a fan of Google products, but I'm disappointed in Google this time on not thinking about it or test drive it more before releasing it. Maybe if it was a beta release, then it may have been excusable, but there isn't any "beta" signs to be found as well.

I have submitted an email to them regarding this. Hopefully they can act fast.. unless there are some reasons why they don't want to do so. But I can't see any good reasons that are more important than loosing potential users and the data that comes with them.

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